Chapter 4: Tactical System Warfare

Chinese Tactics > PART ONE: People’s Liberation Army Forces > Chapter 4: Tactical System Warfare

 This chapter provides an overview of system warfare as it is applied at tactical echelons. System warfare is the basic theoretical construct the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) uses to build capabilities at all echelons. People’s Liberation Army Army (PLAA) units historically did not often task-organize, especially at tactical echelons; as such, the system warfare concept is relatively immature at these levels. System warfare requires a modular approach and substantial task organization in order to be successful. It also requires enhanced cooperation between sister and adjacent units, a skill that is similarly underdeveloped in PLAA formations. Nonetheless, it appears that the PLAA is deeply committed to the system warfare methodology, and it will likely govern PLAA tactical operations for the foreseeable future.



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